Preparing your Child for Kindergarten

by Hunter Jives on / Minders

When it’s time for your children to make transition from day care to kindergarten, it can be pretty stressful. There are a hundred things in your mind and you may have wondered how you could help your child prepare for kindergarten. The following are a few tips which can actually help make learning easier and fun.

You can start with the following activities.

  • Help children practice learning to write their names. This gives them a sense of ownership and gives them confidence. The ability to write their names makes children feel more confident.
  • Start by alphabet recognition along with the sounds. This would help children learn phonics faster and would help them with their reading as well
  • Help them look up common sight words. Keep in mind that frequent practice can only help a child and nothing else would. Make sure you take out time even if its ten minutes a day.
  • Similarly daily recognition of all upper case and lower case letters would help make recognition easier.
  • Start with numbers. This doesn’t have to be an everyday rote of numbers but can be practiced using basic every day house hold items. Children love playing with beads. Make sure you have large ones which they can thread and count as well. There are magnetic number games as well which make learning easier and a great deal more fun remember the key to good learning is actually based on how much your child enjoys his or her lessons at home.
  • Always make sure that you read to your child. Children learn by observing, set an example yourself. If you read your child would surely imitate you. The first time a child shows interest in book make sure you support that interest whole heartedly. Take you children to the library, have them buy their own books according to their age. All this would develop your child’s interest.
  • The importance of reading can’t be stressed enough. It is essential to take at least fifteen minutes of your time and allow your child time to read and learn.
  • Teaching children to be independent. Children should be able to tie their own shoes and pull up their zippers. All this would help make your child gain the necessary confidence.
  • Children should be able to know their home phone number. Though it may not be easy for most kids to do so, it’s easier when they learn it through a song. Use the tune of any nursery rhyme and make your children memorize the numbers on a daily basis.
  • Make them aware of strangers. This is one of the most important thing you can teach your children. Teach them to say no when offered gifts like candies and sweets and practice stranger safety.
  • Teach them to eat their lunch out of the lunch box. Most children aren’t prepared to do o and this can be troublesome for parents. Start practicing at home so that your child is a pro by the time kindergarten starts.

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Hunter Jives