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Fashion Photographer Sydney- How to Take Great Photographs

Everyone wants to take great photographs but not everyone is a successful photographer. Though becoming a successful photographer takes years of practice and experience, here are a few pieces of advice from fashion photographer in Sydney to help you get a head start in your career.

Take engaging photos

The more engaging photos you take, the better you would be able to connect with your audience. Models need to be given the correct direction by a photographer. How you take a picture can actually decide how good it’s going to look in hard copy.

  • Using pictures in which a model holds eye contact with the camera can make for a powerful looking photo. One which looks as if the model is staring directly at the consumers.
  • Looking away from the camera. Showing that a model is staring or looking at something else is also a good way of engaging your viewer. It makes the person looking at the photo think what could the model be looking at or thinking about.
  • Display of emotions between the models. When models look at each other it sets off a chemistry which can come across as pretty powerful in a photograph. It helps the viewer become engaged by looking at the display of emotions between the models
  • Throw caution to the wind. As a photographer you would have learnt certain rules. However sometimes not playing by the rule builds up a more engaging photograph. For example placing the model at the edge of your camera’s frame can create a great photo. Giving it a certain edge which adds an instant appeal to it. However in order to break the rules, you have got to learn them as well.
  • Create drama with lighting. Make use of artificial as well as natural light to create a dramatic looking photo. Sunlight can caste interesting shadows on the models face and body thus adding dimension to your pictures.
  • Build your model’s confidence. Imagine a girl wearing four inch heels and dressed to kill walking on a busy road. The confidence which she exudes would spill across the camera and onto the photograph. This would create such a stunning look that it could actually take one’s breath away.
  • Take shots from a variety of angles. The basic rule of fashion photography is to shoot the model while crouched closer to the ground. However taking shots from different angles can also make a great deal of difference. You could use a ladder to shoot from above or move around a bit to create a good photograph.
  • Make use of props. Often creating a candid looking photo where a model is seen flinging her handbag or putting on lipstick adds a certain class to your picture. It makes the viewer feel as if they have caught the model having her own private moment. Unexpected or candid photos can come out looking pretty sexy.
  • Playing with emotions is a great way to catch the immediate attention of the viewer. Make the model look at the camera and smile a secret knowing smile. You could even ask them to give an evil laugh or cry.

Taking great photographs may require great deal of effort but practicing these above mentioned rules could come in pretty beneficial. For more information please see: http://wolczak.com.au/

Hunter Jives