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If your child is just starting kindergarten, you may feel a little intimidated. It is not easy to send your child to kindergarten, but it is a whole new adventure in comparison with daycare. You will definitely feel some apprehension associated with sending your child off to a new school, but there are some things you can do to ease your mind about the situation, and make sure that your child is successful in their new adventure.

By preparing yourself for your child’s new educational opportunity, you are also preparing them. Your child reads cues from you when they are in unfamiliar situations. They try to seek out how you feel about something before they make their decision. If you appear to be nervous or apprehensive, your child will pick up on this. So what can you do to ensure that you are comfortable sending your child to their new kindergarten in North Rockhampton? Get to know their teacher and become an active member of their classroom.

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Getting to Know Your Child’s Teacher

One of the most important things you can do is get to know your child’s teacher. Not only will it put your mind at ease about sending your child to kindergarten, it also opens the door for communication about your child’s education and classroom behavior. It also makes the teacher feel more comfortable in approaching you about situations in the classroom, rather than labeling your child based on their behavior at a given point in time.

The key to getting to know your child’s teacher is that you want to build a relationship with them, not just a dialogue. You want them to know that you are there if your child needs anything, or if they have any concerns. You will also want to become an active member of your child’s classroom, even if you can only show up once every few weeks. Helping with a snack or helping the teacher by coloring or laminating classroom materials can provide a welcome relief.

      Get to Know Your Child’s Teacher

Getting to know your child’s teacher is very important. You want to know what type of person is teaching your child, and you want the teacher to feel comfortable talking to you. Ensuring that you are always polite and that you consider situations they bring up carefully before you respond is very important. Teachers are under a lot of stress, and approaching parents about problems their child is facing in class is not the best part of their job.

 When you do talk to your child’s teacher, it is important that you do not only talk about your child. While talking about your child is important, creating a bond with their teacher on a personal level is too. Far too many parents forget to ask teachers how they are doing. By being recognized as a person, and having someone truly care about how they are as a person, teachers develop a sense of appreciation, which they deserve. Teachers rarely feel appreciated for all of the hard work they put in, so showing your appreciation can really go a long way in building this relationship. 

      Ask How You Can Help

You may not have a lot of free time, but asking your child’s teacher how you can help will provide them with a great relief. Whether it is helping to provide a snack for your child’s kindergarten class, or you take the time to help prepare materials they will need in class, you are helping to provide your child with a well-rounded education that you can be actively involved in. If you are looking for a childcare facility whilst out entertaining yourself then look at Natural Wonders Early Learning in North Rockhampton.


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