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by Hunter Jives on / Fashion Statements

A silk scarf is one of the most versatile fashion accessory in your closet. You may have worn it as a drape or tied it around your hair. Styling a silk scarf is easy and there are times when you just can’t get enough of using the scarf as a fashion accessory.

You may have invested a great deal in the scarf. After all, it’s usually a onetime buy which can be used for years to come. When you splurge on something as expensive as a silk scarf you might also be wondering how to care for it to have it look good as new at all times.

There are time when spills and stains do occur. It’s best not to panic when that happens. You don’t need to rush to the dry cleaner every time you find a stain on your scarf. Simple methods of cleaning can do the trick without causing any damage.

Scarves tend to be pretty delicate and not caring for them can result in them looking worn out as times passes. However, the good news is that maintaining a scarf is pretty easy. Just make sure to follow these cleaning tips to get the most out of your silk scarves.

  • Removing a lipstick stain from a silk scarf might sound difficult, but it’s pretty easy. Just use a ph. neutral soap and rub it around your fingers. Then use that finger in a circular motion around the stain until it disappears. Do not rub too hard or you might break the silk fibers. Again use a finger to rinse off the soap.
  • Even if you ever feel the need to wash the scarf at home, make sure not to let it hand dry. The delicate fibers might get pulled and alter the shape of the scarf. The key is to lay down the washed scarf on a towel and then use another towel to cover it up. Keep it that way for about an hour or two and then let it air dry.
  • Also be careful to never use pegs to dry the silk scarves. The pegs can leave a de in the scarf and destroy the material and the look as well. It’s always a good idea to send in the scarf for dry cleaning. But if that’s not possible, then simply follow the above mentioned methods for caring for your silk scarf at home.
  • Also extra care should be taken when ironing the scarf. Iron shouldn’t be placed directly on the scarf. In fact place the scarf between two cotton sheets and then iron it the usual way. This keeps the fabric protected from heat.

Following the above methods for caring for your scarves would have them looking new each time you use these. Though silk scarves look delicate they are pretty resilient, just take care to give proper attention to the way you clean the scarves.

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Hunter Jives